Movie Night – “Brief Encounters” – Gregory Crewdson

Acclaimed photographer Gregory Crewdson doesn’t just “take” his images, he creates them, through elaborate days and weeks of invention, design, and set-up. The epic production of these movie-like images is both intensely personal and highly public: they begin in Crewdson’s deepest desires and memories, but come to life on streets and soundstages in the hills towns of Western Massachusetts. In his decade-long project “Beneath the Roses” he uses light, color and character to conjure arresting images, managing a crew of 60 amidst seemingly countless logistical and creative obstacles.

Filmed over a decade, beginning in 2000, Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters provides an unparalleled view of the moment of creation of his images. It also reveals the life-story behind the work—through frank reflections on his life and career, including the formative influences of his psychologist father and his childhood fascination with the work of Diane Arbus. Childhood fears and ideals, adult anxieties and desires, the influences of pop-culture all combine to form who buy cialis we are, and for Crewdson, motivate his work.

There is no specific backstory, no before-and-after to Gregory Crewdson’s images, simply the moment that lends itself to mystery and intrigue. Hundreds of movie lights combine with the setting sun in a perfect moment of illumination.

WORKSHOP – Introduction to MEDIUM FORMAT Photograhy

If you are curious about medium format film photography you could ask the kid in the picture OR come to the PPL workshop for a complete introduction. 

The camera of choice for many professional photographers – MEDIUM FORMAT cameras offer tremendous flexibility, great image quality and a unique photographic perspective. Famous photographers like Fazal Sheikh, Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Mark use the medium format camera as their main photographic tool. Great Photography is still being created with this type of camera. 

DATE : August 15th 10:30am – 5:00pm (plus review / critique on August 16th)  
INSTRUCTOR : Mike Browna, Dave Swift
FEE : $150.00 includes 2 days of instruction plus use of medium format camera equipment, roll film and materials (Discount to $110 for 2015 Contributors …. Discount to $75.00 for 2015 Benefactors) 

IMPORTANT: CLICK HERE to purchase workshop tickets. 

Please keep your RSVP up to date to help us with planning and event costs. 

In the workshop we will teach you all the techniques required to work confidently with medium format cameras. We’ll explore how various lenses and formats change affect image impact. Whether a rangefinder, SLR and Waist level is for you …… and …….. we will cover all operational aspects from film loading and all image formats from 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7 and 6×9 ……. we will even explain what the numbers mean !!!!!  :-)

Best of all …… this will be HANDS ON workshop……. we will provide for you all equipment to use during the workshop which includes a medium format camera, film and film holder, light meter, etc. We will “hit the road” to Clark Park and create images using medium format cameras. 

You will leave the workshop with the ability to confidently create photographs using a medium format camera.


DAY 1 : You will spend time getting an overview of equipment and materials. We will then shoot IN THE STUDIO ……. during the afternoon we will head outside for some portraiture and streets shooting and architecture. Your work from day 1 will be developed overnight.

DAY 2 : We will review your work the following morning with a critique and thoughts on next steps for you to pursue.

• Practical matters for when using a medium format camera in the real-world
⁃ Transportation and storage of equipment
• Camera selection and lens choices
• How to work with roll film …… loading the camera and roll film backs 
• Darkroom – we’ll cover how to process our large format film
• Developing and printing from medium format negatives
• Medium format portraiture demonstration
• Discussion of equipment and materials

Informal Group Critique

This is a free event for all Contributor / Benefactor Members. Admission is $15 for everyone else, payable at the door.

NOTE: It is OK to present your work electronically …… website, iPad, etc is fine. Of course we have a “preference” for printed work and will encourage you to PRINT your best work …….. BUT come on out and show your work in the medium that is most effective for you.

There is no better way to develop as a photographer than to receive constructive criticism.

The PPL is giving members the opportunity to do just that at our informal group critiques. Share your work with other PPL members, and see what others are shooting, in this casual yet constructive atmosphere.

Participants are required to bring approximately ten images in print form, and each person will have 15 to 20 minutes dedicated to presenting and discussing his/her work.

Be prepared to receive and give input, as everyone is invited to take part in the discussion. If you do not have work ready, but would like to participate, please do not RSVP on MeetUp, but email Mike with your intentions. Priority will be given to those who have work, and those without will be allowed to participate only if space allows. Space is limited to 6 participants.

Meandering with Mike K – Fitler Square Edition

To Meander : following a winding course: a meandering lane. Proceeding in a convoluted or undirected fashion.

To mix it up a bit this will be a late afternoon and early evening trek. Gotta get the golden hour skyscraper shot from the Schuylkill Banks boardwalk. 

Come on out this Saturday afternoon for the fourth “Meandering with Mike K” street photo walk. This time we will explore the Filter Square area of West Center City, my favorite part of the city; so much Victorian architecture and laid back places.

Meet at the Good Karma Cafe at 331 S 22 St at 4:30 am and get coffe-ed up. With a name like that you can’t go wrong. 

We will plan on checking out some lovely side streets like Rittenhouse St and Delancey Place. Those Victorians really built with style. Then we will head to Fitler Square, a quaint little park with the bronze goat and more. To Gavin’s Cafe for an Argentinean empanadas. Then to Taney Park, home of the Little League champs. Check out the playground and dog park. Up and over the train tracks. Maybe there will be Baken crude oil tankers on the tracks. Then onto the trail and over the boardwalk for fantastic views. 

We will get off the boardwalk at South St and head east. Past the Children’s Hospital massive construction site and other condos going up further down. Then north on 22nd to Lombard and the famous Doobie’s Bar. The classiest dive bar around. Good beer, food and conversation. Don’t be surprised if you hear people talking about poetry. The place looks like a dive but the people are not. 

As usual $15 for free members, free for contributors. Seen you then.

Meandering with Mike K – West Philly Edition

To Meander : following a winding course: a meandering lane. Proceeding in a convoluted or undirected fashion.

Come on out this Saturday morning for the third “Meandering with Mike K” street photo walk. A bit earlier so we avoid the worst afternoon heat. And there are a lot of street trees on the route for shade. So don’t be a summertime wimp. 

This time we will explore the Clark Park area of West Philly, down Baltimore and Springfield Avenues. Otherwise know as Squirrel Hill. Meet at the Green Line Cafe at 43 and Baltimore at 10:30 am and get coffe-ed up. Its a local institution. They know how to make a good cup. There is parking on 43rd along the park. Best SEPTA option is to hop the trolleys from center city and get off where the tunnel surfaces at 40th St portal. Take any 34,13,11 or 36 trolley, not the 10. Make a left on Woodland Ave. walk three blocks and you are there. 

Initial Itinerary is to walk down Baltimore (Dutch architecture)  

, and hang a left at Springfield. There is a fantastically beautiful church at 47th and Springfield(multiple gold mosaic domes). Two block away is a Frank Furness designed church that is being repurposed. Here is the story on it.    The tree lined street is all huge houses build when this was the streetcar suburbs of center city,(you’ll think you are in Bryn Mawr). At 48th is The Castle Bed and Breakfast.

We will walk down to 49th then up to Baltimore and swing to the right. First we will check out the small triangle park at that intersection, Cedar Park.  Mariposa Co-Op too. Lots of cool restaurants down the Ave. Then down 45th to Chester and back to Clark Park where we will explore the park and check out the Dickens statue (with Little Nelly). 

If there is time and interest we can continue on Chester Ave direct to Woodland Cemetery. The colonial home of William Hamilton.

There is a mansion and beautiful rolling grounds. 

Afterwards, we will head to a local pub to discuss photos captured or whatever. As long as the beer is cold. And the selection of craft beers is great at the Local 44. At 44th and Spruce. Great sandwiches and snacks. Custom brews made just for them

Alright beer heads , you can’t miss this event. It’s a bit of walking but the end reward is worth it. And you may even get some great photos to boot! 

As usual $15 for free members, free for contributors. 

Seen you then.