BeFunky: From Photo Editor to Photo Network


As you may be aware, the PPL will be conducting a workshop coming up in April, highlighting the effectiveness of some free on-line photo editing tools.  One of these tools is a fast growing website named “befunky”.

I ran across a very interesting article about them today concerning their rapid evolution from a simple editing suite to a full-fledged photo network, follow the link below for much more information, it’s a fascinating read…

I have a soft spot for BeFunky.

First, they are the developers of a photo editing web service and mobile photo apps, founded in Turkey. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Turkey in the past and have come to love the country, in particular its citizens. And how many high tech companies really have their roots in Turkey?  (Half the team moved to San Francisco early last year, abandoning the Bosporus for the Golden Gate).

Second, I’m intrigued by teens’ use of photos. In the early 2000s I was co-founder of Piczo, a teen photo-sharing site that grew exponentially for a long time – before these highly engaged and photo-crazy teens moved en masse to the next big thing, which was Beboo.

BeFunky serves a similar young audience: 64% of their users are between 15-24; 83% are under 35. Overall, BeFunky now has 13 million users, of which 2 M were registered through their web service and 11M through their iOS and Android apps.

via BeFunky: From photo editor to photo network | PMA Newsline.


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