Use Adobe Lightroom and Have an iPad? – You MUST See This!

A while back, on another BLOG,  I posted about an absolutely fantastic way to streamline your workflow in Adobe Lightroom.

(you can read that post here).

Now, the great people at “Paddy for Lightroom” are working on an even better solution.  If you have an iPad (and no serious Photographer should be without one!), you can now eliminate the need for a bulky MIDI hardware device, and any external keyboards.  building on top of a great iPad APP called “TouchOSC” the developer of Paddy have really delivered an excellent solution.  All the functionality in the develop module plus key-wording are now controllable using the touch interface of your iPad.  Truly a joy to use, and will cut your workflow time down by an appreciable amount.

This software is currently in “alpha” stage of development, I’ve been testing it with them for about a week now, and this one is definitely a “keeper”

Below is a video, giving you a little sneak preview of this in action…


This is going to be the best thing to happen to Lightroom since version 2!  Stay tuned for more information and an official release date as they become available.

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