Do “Street Photographers” use Flash?

For many years I always told people “I don’t use flash”. I thought that natural light was always preferred and somehow “truer” to the image I was creating. However, I learned over time that there are many circumstances where flash improved my ability to get the shot and even became integral to creating the image that I wanted.


At the same time flash has become much easier to use. One of my favorite sources of information to share with beginning flash users is the STROBIST website …….. CLICK ……… Check out the on-line lessons and take some time to try using your flash. Probably the single most important and SIMPLE technique is to get your flash OFF CAMERA by simply hold it up in the air !!!!!!

Here are a couple of You Tube videos where you can watch “Legendary” STREET SHOOTERS use off camera flash to create their unique photographs.

BRUCE GILDEN …… The “Legendary” Magnum Photographer ………. CLICK

MARK COHEN …… work was recently exhibited at Phila Museum of Art ………… CLICK

If you have any questions please email me. Enjoy shooting, see you at the PPL monthy meetings !!!!

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