Urban Exploration Photography – Urbex

Nice article by Ben Shreck over at DPS, giving some tips for “Urban Exploration” type photography.  Do me a favor folks, if you are into this, ease up on the HDR.  The subject matter doesn’t need it.

© Ben Shreck

© Ben Shreck

Dark halls, narrow wet cold rooms, rusted metal, chains hanging from the ceiling – it`s like you`re moving through a horror movie setting. It appears to be a pictorial journey through a strange world – a nightmarish world of shadows and darkness as after an asteroid impact.

Lost places, abandoned buildings and infrastructure are my favourite locations to take pictures. “Urban Exploration” also known as “Urbex” is the exploring of urban, (mostly) abandoned structures.

In this article I will tell you how I became an urban explorer, and show you how you can take pictures like you see here and on my website yourself. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to go outside to find more of those lost areas.

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  1. Although I like more subtle HDR, I seem to be gravitating more toward a “faded” look for color subject matter such as this. Or, just beautifully done, out of the camera, little or no adjustment black and white.