2014 PPL Photo-Scavenger Hunt

This past Saturday, members of the PPL participated in our annual Photo-Scavenger Hunt – held in Center City, Philadelphia

For those of you who do not realize what this event is all about, here is a brief synopsis…

All participants were divided up into teams and given identical “shoot-lists” that detailed fun and unusual things to photograph (you may view this years list HERE). Each item on the was assigned a point value (based upon difficulty). The teams were then sent out into our fair city, in search of capturing as many challenges on the list that you could, in a two-hour time frame. No cars, foot travel or public transit only!

This outing was loads of fun (as usual), and our photographers did a great job capturing everything from unique perspectives.  There were three items on list that were given special attention, (Empathy, Justice & Tragedy) and these were the outstanding contributions…

"Empathy" by Jano Cohen

“Empathy” by Jano Cohen

"Justice" by Jewell A. Newton

“Justice” by Jewell A. Newton

"Tragedy" by Spencer Lewis

“Tragedy” by Spencer Lewis

Below you will find the other photo’s submitted during this event.

This is an annual event for the PPL, hope to see you all there next year.


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