Meandering with MikeK in Newbold

You don’t have to be a Photo League member to come on my Photo Walks.

Meandering with Mike K in NewBold, South Philly

This traditional South Philly area is seeing growth and renewal. Historically part of Point Breeze, the branding of Newbold by restaurateurs and developers has not set well with some residents. Whether the name sticks is up for debate. Oh well, a least it won’t change by June 3.

Join us as we do a more free form ramble and check out the old and new building and businesses. And of course candid street photography will be hot it that is your thing. It’s South Philly after all, interesting characters abound.

We will meet at this coffee shop close to the subway Synder Stop.

Then we will head up north on Broad then west on Synder to the classic Melrose Diner.  Then up Passyunk to 16th. then a big loop. This area is mostly residential but neat shops here and there.  If anyone has a particular place in the neighborhood they want to see, let me know and we will ‘meander’ over to it.

We will end up on Bancroft and McKean, the location of the cool Second District Brewing Company. They make it on the premise and are know for innovative flavors. Sandwiches and corn dogs, also wine and cocktails. By people who did South Philly Tap Room and Sardine Bar. In a converted garage.

OK beer heads, this is the walk for you!


$10 paid at beginning at walk.


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