Meandering with MikeK in Powelton Village

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Meandering with Mike K in Powelton Village

Powelton Village was built on land that was held by two families: the Powel family and the Bingham-Baring family. The first houses were built in the Italianate style beginning in 1859-’60. Over the subsequent 50 years houses were built in Powelton in every important style of Victorian architecture. Because of this architectural diversity and its social history, Powelton Village was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.
So we will group up at Saxbys Coffee on 34th just north of 34th St subway stop. This is heart of Drexel’s north of market st. campus, so students will be all over. Then we will head out north to Powelton Ave. Lots of new high rise dorms on the way. On the left side Frat House row.

On Powelton Ave, big Victorian mansions. On the way to Drexel Park to catch the center city skyline views. Amazing how close it feels.

On Hamilton corner there is a nice mural. Then left at Spring Garden. Technically this is start of Mantua neighborhood but its a main artery, so many important building along the way to Lancaster Ave. A large church converted to apartments. And the Cloisters. A whole block of Victorian row homes.

Round the corner and down Lancaster Ave to Baring St. This where the stately homes are. More big churches. Then down 34th to Powelton again then 36th to Lancaster Ave.
Then we end up at Savas Restaurant, 3505 Lancaster Ave. They have a nice bar inside and an outside patio. Pizza, salads, hoagies etc.

All and all an easy walk, level ground and shade trees a plenty. Get your Victorian house fix with some modern high-rises for good measure.

$10 paid at beginning at walk.

See you at 1:00.

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