Meandering with MikeK in South Kensington

Meandering with Mike K in South Kensington

following a winding course: a meandering lane.
proceeding in a convoluted or undirected fashion

Another 5:00 pm start to avoid the worst of heat and get some golden hour shots.

South Kensington is another recovering neighborhood, growing even faster then Brewerytown.  There is a lot of re-purposed and new construction.  Bounded by 6th st on west, Front on east, Girard Ave on south and Berks to the north.

We will meet at Girard Ave and 2nd St to see the The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, the knight on horseback. That story by the Spaniard Cervantes was one of the first modern novels, written in 1605. How the statue got placed in S Kensington is a question I would like to know the answer to. This is as beautiful as any statue in center city. A must photo op.

We will then go north.  Past a wall of murals, then see the new housing complex going up.

Then we will swing by Basho’s, a photography lab for old school film and silver printing. Then north on Germantown, right on Masters and north on Cadwallader. Belgian block sidewalk and craft distillery, New Liberty Distillery. Then left on Jefferson past the Islamic center.

Back on Germantown up to the abandoned Gretz Brewery building

Then up to Cecil B  Moore and another graffiti wall. Then on to the east.

At the corner of Cecil B. Moore Ave and Howard is an old firehouse with turrets. Sites on the way include Keystone mini-golf, statuary next to a church with a gorgeous tower, a colorful Puerto Rican neighborhood restaurant, El Cafeito

We will check out the Mascher Street Cooperative. There is a photo printing and gallery space call Color Space Lab.

Past the El there is a cool small publisher bookstore called Ulises we can check out if they are open. They have limited edition photobooks.

Then a half block north under the El to Evil Genius Beer Company. Time to get a Stacy’s Mom (that is the name of an beer) and hang out a bit.

$10 as usual paid at event start. First timers for free.

Any questions post below. Don’t have to be a PPL member to attend. Get to know us, maybe you will want to join.

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