MLK-DARE Coalition March

Join thousands from across the region for the MLK-DARE Coalition (Day of Action, Resistance, and Empowerment) on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 16th, starting at 10am. Four consecutive marches will begin simultaneously around the region and converge at the site of the public demonstration by 12 noon. Each march will begin assembling at 10:00am and each group will begin marching to the site of the demonstration at 10:30am. The following sites are where each march will gather and depart: West Philadelphia at 30th Street Station on the Market Street side; South Philadelphia at Broad and Oregon Streets; North Philadelphia at Broad and Cecil B. Moore; South Jersey at foot of the south side of the Ben Franklin Bridge on the Camden side.

Following the marches, the public demonstration will be held outdoors from 12 noon to 2pm on the corner of South 6th Street and Lombard Street (Philadelphia), in front of Mother Bethel African Episcopal Church.

Historical background: In January of 1817, some 3.000 free African Americans gathered at Mother Bethel Church on 6th and Lombard for the largest gathering of free Blacks at the time. The meeting was to discuss the plan of the American Colonization Society, which sought to deport all free Blacks from America while keeping enslaved Blacks in bondage. The meeting was a defining moment in preventing the plan from ever gaining significant traction in the country with free Blacks and abolitionists. Two hundred years later, we gather again on the same parcel of land with a larger and more diverse coalition, still concerned about the rights of those in our nation who have often been marginalized.

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Event Location

Mother Bethel AME Church
419 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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