Street Photography Workshop – NYC Halloween Parade

Street photography is a challenging format. One of the best ways to begin learning is to put yourself in a situation with lots of opportunity. That is the NYC Halloween Parade in the Village ! Join us for an exciting workshop as we travel from Philly to NYC’s East Villlage. 

During the workshop you will learn the following:

• How to approach people on the street to photograph them with confidence

• Shooting in “manual mode” and the advantages of doing that

• Flash Photography and Night Shooting

• Processing you images in Lightroom

Photo : 2014 Halloween Parade Mike Browna

Please bring the following with you – Digital Camera, external flash, your walking shoes, enthusiasm for meeting interesting people.

PRICE: $125.00 with a minimum of 2 participants and maximum of 4 participants

CLICK HERE to purchase a seat in the workshop

Note that the workshop fee includes Instruction before the event and guidance during the event, transportation to and from NYC including all tolls, lunch upon arrival in NYC  

You must RSVP and Pay the workshop fee by October 29th at 5pm est  

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