West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Pencoyd Bridge and Manayunk

The 117-year-old double-span Parker truss bridge was built by Pencoyd Iron Works in 1900 to connect their factory in Lower Merion with customers across the river. The span is now accessible to the public as part of the new Pencoyd Trail. Opened jan 2017

The area was once a summer fishing ground for the Lenape tribe and was later incorporated by Welshman John Roberts as the farm and village of Pencoyd (from the Welsh amalgamation of words “Penn-y-Chlawd,” meaning “treetops” and pronounced “Pencode”).

Pencoyd Landing, a mixed-use apartment community.
Redevelopment of the foundry site is in the beginning stages.


In anticipation of the development Penn Real Estate Group renovated an old brick building on the site for their offices, the only original foundry building to survive and believed to have been the work of architect Frank Furness. The restored building may have been an office and drawing room with pumping equipment inside. Appearing to be integrated in design with the attached machine shop, this would have been a significant commission for Furness.

A lovely view of the entire tract can be gleaned from the peaks of West Laurel Hill Cemetery. We will explore the cemetery then head down to the southeast side and cross under I-76 via Righters Ferry Road. Check out the Furness Building and whats left of old factories. Then over the bridge to Manayunk and hang out at Dawson Street Pub.

If people have the time and energy, we could go down Main street and return on the high bridge back to West Laurel Hill. The view are super from that height.

See you then. $10 at start. Free if your first time, come hang out and get to know us.

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