Meander with Mike K at Bartrams Garden

You don’t have to be a member of Philadelphia Photo League to go on my photo walks. Come on out and have a good time.

Time to revisit Bartrams Garden. Last time was Oct 17, 1916. So lets squeeze this in before summer. The visitor center is just to the right after you cross the short bridge from Harley Ave. Parking is at the loop road on the left of bridge. 

Background info:

parking is free.

Historical connection between Bartrams Garden and The Woodlands.

Come enjoy an afternoon on the lower Schuylkill River. The Schuylkill Banks trail Bartrams Mile section is soon to be competed. is now completed. Enjoy the river views, historic botany gardens and house. Maybe take a free rowboat out.

There is now a pavilion at end of 56th street. 

$10 paid at start.  Free for first time attendees to my photowalks. Come along and have fun and get to know us.


Septa 36 trolley goes right by. Get off at stop before rail bridge, walk over bridge and turn down Harley Ave for half mile. 

Meandering with Mike K – Bastille Day Edition

Don’t have to be a PPL member to attend.

Whoa, haven’t been to Fairmount in a long time.

What better time to revisit then the annual Bastille Day festival.

Fairmount Avenue is closed and art and frivolity take over. Events for all ages and
people in costumes with a French theme, so some great photo opportunities.

An event not to be missed. Outside the Eastern State Penitentiary. Includes a farcical theater re-enactment, with Marie Antoinette saying “let them eat cake”
and throwing Tastycakes to the crowd below. (this is Philly of course)

The Storming of the Bastille starts at 5:30

End up at Bridgit’s 726 N 24th St.  Homey restaurant & bar with an Italian-inspired menu plus a large list of craft & Belgian beers.


No charge for this one. Huge crowds, so this is an event not a neighborhood walk.

Take public transportation.

Let’s exchange phone numbers at the coffee shop so I can text you when we end up at Bridgit’s.

Meandering with MikeK in Newbold

You don’t have to be a Photo League member to come on my Photo Walks.

Meandering with Mike K in NewBold, South Philly

This traditional South Philly area is seeing growth and renewal. Historically part of Point Breeze, the branding of Newbold by restaurateurs and developers has not set well with some residents. Whether the name sticks is up for debate. Oh well, a least it won’t change by June 3.

Join us as we do a more free form ramble and check out the old and new building and businesses. And of course candid street photography will be hot it that is your thing. It’s South Philly after all, interesting characters abound.

We will meet at this coffee shop close to the subway Synder Stop.

Then we will head up north on Broad then west on Synder to the classic Melrose Diner.  Then up Passyunk to 16th. then a big loop. This area is mostly residential but neat shops here and there.  If anyone has a particular place in the neighborhood they want to see, let me know and we will ‘meander’ over to it.

We will end up on Bancroft and McKean, the location of the cool Second District Brewing Company. They make it on the premise and are know for innovative flavors. Sandwiches and corn dogs, also wine and cocktails. By people who did South Philly Tap Room and Sardine Bar. In a converted garage.

OK beer heads, this is the walk for you!


$10 paid at beginning at walk.


Penn Wissahickon Hospice Event Photographer Requested!

Hello! PPL has an opportunity for one or several volunteer photographers for an event at the Applewood Estate in Villanova. PPL Member Jennifer Brinton-Robkin is the contact as she volunteers for this Hospice Program frequently. If you are available for this Thursday afternoon event next week, kindly let us know no later than next Monday May 1st and we will forward additional details to you ASAP. Thank you in advance!

Check your meetup email for details on this event sent to you early Monday morning

Meandering with MikeK in Forgotten Bottom

You don’t have to be a Photo League member to come on my Photo Walks.

Meandering with Mike K in Forgotten Bottom

This is a small neighborhood with a distinct history separated from Greys Ferry by the train tracks and I-76.

We will meet at the Dunkin Donuts on 34th street.

I will be taking the 64 bus from 46th st stop on the EL. It runs along Greys Ferry Ave.

This one will have a blend of green grass and river views mixed with urban play and hardscrabble streets.

We will walk up to the DuPont Crescent Trail entrance high on the bridge. The trail slopes down to the river level and follows the bend of the Schuylkill River. There are benches, statues, rock mounds  and fishing piers. We will take a leisurely walk around to Grays Ferry Ave overhead. There is a cool skate park there and likely some performers to photograph leaping off the edges.

Then we continue on and find a large boat dock and people fishing in droves. I had no idea this was here right next to the swing bridge. [To be replaced with a modern one to carry the Schuylkill Banks Trail over to the west bank and on to Bartrams Garden]  We continue to the end of the trail and check out the Trolley Works ball park. There was a Little League game in progress the Saturday I scoped it out.

Then we will walk some of the neighbor hood streets and cross under the tracks back to 34th st where we started. I don’t know of any cool bars in the Forgotten Bottom. Maybe we will head back to West Philly and go to Local 44 at 44th and Spruce, a great craft beer bar we went when doing Baltimore Ave a while back.

I am still looking into getting a group tour of the Pennovation Center on the new UPenn campus where DuPont Paint Research was. It is in a cool re-architected building.


$10 paid at beginning at walk.


General location of Forgotten Bottom

Some scenes along the way: