Introduction to FILM Photography – A “Hands On” Workshop

• What we’ll do
If you are curious about film photography you could ask the kid in the picture OR come to the PPL workshop for a complete introduction.

Film based photography still offer tremendous flexibility, great image quality and a unique photographic perspective. Famous photographers like Fazal Sheikh, Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Mark used film cameras as their main photographic tool for a large portion of their careers. Great Photography is still being created with FILM.

In the workshop we will teach you all the techniques required to work confidently with various format film cameras. We’ll explore how various lenses and formats effect your image. You will get hands on experience with rangefinder, SLR and View cameras …… and …….. we will cover all operational aspects from film loading and all image formats from 35mm to Medium format 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7 and 6×9 and even large format 4×5 and 8×10……. we will even explain what the numbers mean !!!!! :-)

Best of all …… this will be HANDS ON workshop……. we will provide for you all equipment to use during the workshop which includes a medium format camera, film and film holder, light meter, etc. We will “hit the road” to Clark Park and create images using medium format cameras.

You will leave the workshop with the ability to confidently create photographs using a medium format camera.


DAY 1 : You will spend time getting an overview of equipment and materials. We will then shoot IN THE STUDIO ……. during the afternoon we will head outside for some portraiture and streets shooting and architecture. Your work from day 1 will be developed overnight.

DAY 2 : We will review your work the following morning with a critique and thoughts on next steps for you to pursue.

• Practical matters for when using a medium format camera in the real-world
⁃ Transportation and storage of equipment
• Camera selection and lens choices
• How to work with roll film …… loading the camera and roll film backs
• Darkroom – we’ll cover how to process our large format film
• Developing and printing from medium format negatives
• Medium format portraiture demonstration
• Discussion of equipment and materials

FEE : $150.00 for current paid members (Discount to $100 for current paid Contributors …. Discount to $50.00 for current paid Benefactors)

Please keep your RSVP up to date to help us with planning and event costs.

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PPL Monthly Meetup – At Culture Works 1315 Walnut st

Our regularly scheduled meetup that takes place on the 2nd Friday evening of each month.

All members are highly encouraged to attend, as this is where we set direction and make announcements about upcoming activities and classes.

The monthly meeting is a great opportunity to catch up on PPL accomplishments and upcoming events …… PLUS …….. see the work of fellow PPL’ers and / or share your work, get questions answered, network and socialize.

This is a current image :

NEW! EXHIBIT OPENING THIS WEEK! PPL Member Patrick Brennan’s Exhibit at UARTS!

• What we’ll do
Let’s celebrate PPL Member Patrick Brennan’s Capstone Solo Exhibit at UARTS! Patrick will be showing work from two photography projects in this show. Patrick has just completed his Digital Photography Certificate in the Continuing Studies Dept. and this show will highlight work completed during his studies. All are welcome for wine and light refreshments! Bring a friend!

• What to bring
Photo ID will be checked at the front desk in the lobby of the Terra Building. Take the elevator to the 9th Floor. The event will be right off the lobby!

• Important to know

Martin Luther King Day of Service – Girard College – 23rd Anniversary

This year is the 23rd Anniversary of MLK Day of Service in Philadelphia. It will be PPL’s 6th year as photo volunteers. We look forward to working together as a group. All participants will be tasked to capture the spirit of the event being held at Girard College (plus others locations in Philly to be announced), in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Global Citizen organizes the Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service and runs MLK365, a year-round program that promotes sustainable civic engagement, ongoing volunteer opportunities, and educational programs.

We will separate into groups and cover the event, lead photographers will be assisting those seeking instruction.

This will be a great opportunity to begin learning the art of candid photography.

All members are highly encouraged to participate, especially those who are experienced and willing to take on the role of lead photographers.

American Assemblies Photography by Billy Cress and Mark Havens

• What we’ll do
First Friday Open Hours: January 5th, 1-8pm
Closing Reception and Artist Talk: Sunday, January 14th, 2018, 1-5pm.
Open Hours: Saturdays 1-5pm

American Assemblies, comprises two sets of photographic works that focus on Jersey Coast architecture. The title for the show comes from the purpose of the two projects, importantly, collecting and preserving beautiful and dying structures through still photographs. These places, quintessentially American in their design, are captured in a very straightforward, honest way and are presented in an undiluted fashion.

Billy Cress’ project visually tells the story of the development happening along the coast, where these beautiful mid-century structures that are slowly dying each year, seem to stick out among the plastic, modern homes. Mark Havens’ photos document the same beautiful but slowly dying architecture along the Jersey Coast, and add another dimension to the notions of time and place, notably, removing themselves from such contexts. Billy Cress: and
Mark Havens:

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